About Us

One Ocean Diving

Our dive center is located at the north end of Sugar Beach in Sipalay. One Ocean Diving was established in May 2018 when we took over former Scuba Planet Philippines from Juan and Selina, who were running the dive center since 2013. It is our hope to continue their great work and provide you with the same amazing diving expriences.

The dive center is partly renovated. It has a small and cozy classroom and a nice equipment area. The dive center has ten full sets of rental equipment. We are using properly serviced Aqualung BCs and wetsuits, Apex regulators, Mares and Cressi masks and fins. In the heart of the business we are using two Coltri compressors and thirty 12 liters aluminum tanks which are newly hydrostatically and visually tested.

We are operating with two 14 mt. of local designed Bankas (boats), La Nao and Gaia. Each boat is suitable for six divers at a time. We have oxygen tank, first aid kit and emergency plans always ready on board. On all our diving excursions fresh water, coffee, fruits and snacks are complementary.

The team consists of eight people. Diving operations are running by one Instructor, one Dive Master and one local Dive Guide trainee. The boats are operated by two captains and two boat boys. We also have one assistant manager in the office and one maid helping us to keep the dive center clean and tidy for you.

Let us introduce ourselves little bit closer.

Meet the Team

Here is the One Ocean Diving team.


Kattis is a Dive Master on the way of becoming an Assistant instructor. She has been diving for approximately three years. Before the diving career she has been working with human resources management and organization.  She is responsible of the customer service, front office and organisation in One Ocean.


Metin is our diving Instructor and Instructor trainer. He has been diving since 2008 and been an instructor since 2011. Before this he worked several years within the finance industry. He has trained more than thousands of divers and dive pros in various levels. He has worked in Turkey, Sweden and Thailand. In 2017 he received his Instructor trainer level within the business. Since then he has been training dive pros to become instructors and helping them to fulfill their passions and dreams in life.


Jovilyn is our Copartner and Assistant manager of the dive center. She has worked in the company since the beginning. Before she has been working abroad and have a great experience within the service industry. She is responsible for the office, official administration and customer service.


Acer is our captain on the boat La Nao. He has worked in the company from its dawning days in 2013. Acer is a very skilled seaman with many years of experience within his profession. In One Ocean he is responsible for the boats.


For our second boat Gaia, Joel is the steersman and Captain. He has been joining the crew since 2013. Before he has been working as a fisherman and have a lot of experience within his field. He is responsible for the maintenance of the bankas and takes us to any dive site we want to visit.



Jhay is our Dive guide trainee. He has been working in the dive center for three years. He really likes diving and is a real expert in spotting the macro life underneath the surface. Before the diving business he has been working as a carpenter. Jhay is responsible for taking care of the equipment in the dive center.



Bobot is our Snorkeling and Trekking guide. He has been a part of the dive center from its beginning days. Before One Ocean Bobot has worked as a fisherman. He is our handyman (aka Spiderman) and can fix and repair everything that is broken and is a real asset for our dive center.


Doneza is our maid that helps us a couple of days in a week to keep the dive center clean and in order. She has been working for the dive center for two years. She always brings her smiling face to work to brighten up our days.


Is our Managing director:) She supervises us, so we all do what we are supposed to. Especially the most important tasks such as feeding her and scratch her belly whenever she wants us to. She has been running the dive center since 2015. Her responsibility is to sleep, eat, sleep and oh did we forget to mention, to sleep some more after that.